Fox and the Czars Czar’s

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Glen Beck had a bone to pick, Sean Hannity had a enemy to destroy and Fox News… Fox News was the microphone to the Nation. With the deadly combination of Glen, Hannity and FNC a campaign to fire Van Jones was initiated and successfully accomplished as he stepped down yesterday night.

Barak Obama’s Green Czar was always under fire but it intensified in a period of time when the “color of change” organization pushed to take advertisers off the Glen Beck Channel. The move by his organization is un-noticed and will take a while to understand if it is successful or not, however Glen Beck seemed to have all the reasons he needed to take aim. Glen Beck with his devoted audience at Fox News decided to destroy Van Jones. Initially the campaign didn’t seem like it was getting anywhere, however it was heating up conservatives accross the nation to take action, this isn’t something a President needs while pushing a powerful health care package through Congress and the Senate.

Van Jones was under heat for his comments about Republicans earlier this year. It is his own words that Glen Beck used as the punch lines to his attacks, its his own words that caused him shame and humiliation. Sean Hannity also zoomed in on the action with Michelle Malkin to weigh in on the action and the war against the Administration. Sean Hannity attacked Jones for being a “9/11 Truther”. Sean argues that such people should not be allowed to serve in the White House. The accusations don’t end there however, Sean accused him of being a Race Baiter and should be fired also for saying he wants to “move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of eco capitalism”.

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin also attacks President Barak Obama for having appointed Van Jones and they believe there should be more scrutiny on the administration and their Czar selection process. The attacks are not going to simply be passed asside because Jones is gone, think again. Glen Beck and Sean Hannity’s untimate goal it seems is to get rid of Czar Nation and go back to America’s Constitution, the one that allows the proper channels to vett the Presidents Administration officials.


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