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As halloween is coming around everyone would like to find the best way to scare there friends. Of course you could put on a mask and hide in the closet in a room somewhere and wait for them to come in and then jump out and scare them, which would probably scare them a little. Or you could hide in there car late at night and when there just about to pull off jump out and scare them but that could cause a accident if you scare them too much. So why not try something new like having you and some other friends set another friend up and take them to the cemetary to scare them.

Believe me it works because my friends got me. Your probably wondering how you can pull this off with you and your friends scaring another friend. One way you can pull this off is to have you and your friends choose a friend you want to scare the most, of course my friends chose me because they thought I was such a tough guy. But moving on choose the friend you want to scare the most. Once you have chosen your friend come up with the plan of who is going to do what with scaring your friend at the cemetary. Me being the victim my brother had the role of taking me to a party while he had the rest of my friends waiting at the the cemetary.

Make up a story that your going to meet you friends at a spot meaning the cemetary to go to a party together. Take your friend to a spot in the cemetary that is walking distance for you and your friends. What your going to do next is pretend your getting a phone call from your friends saying there already at the party waiting for you. Then thats when you pretend the car has broken down and your going to have a friend pick you up but you have to walk to the entrance of the cemetary. As your walking through the cemetary have your friends in masks and making little noises in the cemetary to make your friend believe something is out there. Then as your walking have someone run past you real fast and then you start running as well as you begin to run have your friends go after the person there scaring and it will scare the life out of them because I almost went to the bathroom on myself. When it’s all said and done I never been so scared in my life and this would be the perfect way to scare someone in a cemetary.


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