The Secret how to Cure Headache with Breathing Therapy

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If you have headache, try close right side of the nose and breathe from the left side of the nose. Do it about 5 (five) minute long, your headache will recover soon.

If you feel tired, then you may shuffle through the hole. Close the left side and breathe from the right side. A few moments later, you will feel fresh again.

Because nostril right side release heat, then it will be easy to heat once and nostril left side release chill, then it will be easy to cold once.

Woman mostly breathes with the left side nostril, because of that her heart is easy once chilled. Differ from woman, men mostly breathe with the right side nostril and because of that men easy get angry.

Are you ever giving attention once you woke up? Which nostril breathing quicker, the left side nostril or the right side nostril? If the left side nostril breathes quicker, then you will feel very tired… try to close your left side nostril and use your right nostril to breathes, you will feel fresh quickly.

You may teach children about this therapy, but it will work better for adult.

I usually got headache and likely pain in bone. I have tried to medicines to doctor and he said. “Your pain will recover if you get married!” That doctor does not speak the nonsense. What he said supported with the theory and witness. At that moment, every night I have headache and it’s really annoying, there are a lot of thing I cannot do because of it. I have eaten much kind of drugs, but still cannot recover.

One night, I sit to have meditation and closing right side nostril and breathe with the left side nostril. In less than one week, my headache recovers. I continued to do it during one month; since that night hitherto, my headache is not recurrence again.

This is what happened to me. I told it to a lot of people around me, my family, my friends, my neighbors and everyone who asked me how to cure headache. Because this is an effective way to me, many people have tried it and it work. This is a natural therapy, without consume any chemical drug for a long time and no cause of other effects. So why don’t you try it?

Always try this therapy and you will feel calmer and healthier.


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