My New York City Experiance

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This summer I finally got the chance to go to New York City.

Since I was small New Your City has always enticed me. Finally this summer I got the opportunity to make the trip. It was a wonderful experience. Below you will find some of my pictures of our trip. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did being there and a part of it.


This was my first impression of the City. It was Fourth of July weekend, and this huge flag hanging in the middle of the bridge was so beautiful! To be honest I was scared to death driving in the middle of this  but it was accelerating to say the least.


This is me, with the city scape in the back ground. I was so excited just to cross the ferry and see the inside of this majestic place. Thoughts flooded my head of what I would see and do here. Excitement!


Ground Zero was our first stop once we arrived. I must say it was the saddest place I have ever visited. Thinking of everyone this tragedy had affected. Not only the victims but all of America. I was a bit disappointed that they have not erected a memorial to visit, but I guess this will come with time. Tears flowed the entire time I was here. As close as all the buildings are in this city I am kind of surprised more buildings were not taken. God must have been holding onto her that day in some sort of strange way.img0069_1.jpg

We did find the make shift cross erected in front of the church. How emotional and sad it was to look at this. As with most of us, I still have a hard time when I think about all that took place on 911. I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on that tragic day. I am sure we all do.


Ahh…Wall Street was next. It was weird standing in front of this building knowing how much money passes through this place on a daily basis. Honestly I expected it to be much larger, but I guess lots can be done in small places…lol…With all that is going on there now, Who knows what the outcome of the New York stock exchange will be now.


Yahoo…Time Square.  I have always wanted to make the trip New Years to this place where so many wait for that ball to fall, but I never have. I loved it here, so busy, so much to see. It is smaller then I thought too. I expected to see but I was not disappointed. We had lunch here. It was raining this day and it was so funny seeing all the umbrellas walking down the street. I was so wet by the end of this adventure, because I like the rain and didn’t stay under the monster umbrella most of the time…lol


Our final stop was of course the Lady that watches over the bay, The Statue of Liberty. This was an emotional time for me also. With my son being in boot camp , this fourth of July was a very special one. Liberty and freedom took on a much different light. I cried when I saw her, but I am nothing but an motional wreck all the time. Emotional, thats me. I have tons more pictures but these are my highlights of our trip to the big city. I would reccommend every one to visit this place at least once. I know I will make this trip again, maybe it will become one of my places to visit at least once a year. I was thrilled by the enormity of this place. So much happens here and for a few days I was a part of it. It is instilled in my memories of a life time.


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