WPReviewEngine Review: Create a WordPress Affiliate Review Site

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There are alot of Affiliate Review sites built with WordPress, but there are not a lot of WordPress Review Plugins built specifically for WordPress which actually work well.  Well, that is no longer true.  WPReviewEngine is a new, but highly effective WordPress Affiliate Review Site Plugin.

What sets WPReviewEngine apart from the competition?

The feature list is simple, but it is more about the execution than anything.  Sometimes pictures show you better than anything.  Here is what you can do with WPReviewEngine:


Out of the box (so to speak), WPReviewEngine breaks down into 3 WordPress Plugins.  A CSV Plugin for Mass Importing of reviews, an Affiliate Link Cloaker, and Review Engine (the heart and Soul of the Program).  The first 2 I didn’t really bother with as I already have a good link cloaker and tracker, but the Review Engine is worth it’s weight in Gold.

You can use your own WordPress Themes, or you can use one of the two themes included with the Plugin.  The picture show above is based on one of the included themes.  When you use their themes you do not have to select the “embed” option because the code is already written into the themes.

You can easily add Reviews and choose to either Rate the Posts/ Products/ Services yourself, or you can choose to let the visitors to your site Rate the items and leave their Comments.  If you rate the posts, the Rating will always stay the same.  You can choose to show the Rating Table which shows the current order of the Rated items from #1 to whatever.  If you let your visitors ratings decide the order, the items can and will change their order in the Ratings Table based on the results.  I like this as it begs for return visits. (You do not have to show the Ratings Table if you do not want to.)

If you already have a site filled with Reviews, you can setup your Rating Criteria (you can set an unlimited number of Rating Criteria) and Mass Apply it to every Post.  You then only have to input your “Editor” Ratings if you are using your Ratings, or you can let it sit and wait for visitor input.

Most of your options are built right into the Add New Post area of WordPress which makes this very convenient and easy to use.  I created a cPanel Hosting Review site in about 15 minutes:  The cPanel Host (still adding reviews).

I initially had some issues with the activation.php file which comes with the program, but within 2 hours, Customer Support had me taken care of.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, this is one of the most feature rich WordPress Review Plugins I have had the chance to use.  I like the fact that they provide excellent themes with the Plugin, but you don’t have to use them.  I can’t think of an easier way to make WordPress Affiliate Review sites fast.

For more information on the WPReviewEngine, click here:  WPReviewEngine


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