Tips For Writing Articles Fast

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As an Internet marketer, you need to get things done as fast as possible.  There always seems to be so many things to be done, and not enough hours in the day to do it in.  Writing articles would probably be one of the chores that takes the most time.  So, I have outlined below a short list of techniques that might be useful in helping you write faster.

Think About It First

You don’t want to just decide to write an article and then immediately start writing.  Spend a few minutes to think and note down the gist of what you want to say.  And you might want to take a little time to mull over what you want to write and how you want to write it.  I usually take a few days.  That way, when you really do sit down and start writing, it’s already half done.

Set A Deadline

Ever noticed how you always seem to complete a project just before the deadline?  Similarly, the time that you need to complete a writing project automatically increases to fill the time available.  So, by setting a deadline, you reduce the time available for a project, and the time you need to complete it.  But do be reasonable and don’t set too tight a deadline or your work will suffer.

Practise As Much As You Can

There was a time when you were very small when you didn’t know how to walk.  It took many hours of practice, practice and more practice.  And when you have finished practicing, you practiced some more.  And now not only can you walk, you can hop, skip, jump and even run.  Writing articles is no different.  Just keep practicing and you will get real good and will be able to write real fast.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Your article can aspire to be perfect but does not have to be.  And not being perfect is also not an excuse for shoddy work.  You just have to be mindful that there has to be a balance between a well written article that is finished comparatively fast, and a perfect article that takes forever to write.

Read Other Similar Articles For Ideas

If it has already been done, why do it again, right?  Writing an article from scratch is never easy and it helps to read other similar articles which you have written.  You can, of course, do a search on the web too.  It really helps you to flesh out the article.  But when you st down and write your article, do remember not to borrow from other articles that you have read, but to write something that is uniquely your own.


If you have trouble writing articles fast, the tips above will certainly help.  I can recall a time when I would take days to complete just one article, and nowadays, I can finish one within one or two hours.  And the tips above have certainly helped me to achieve this.


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