Dassies Fontein

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This place is so nice I simply had to blog about it. Is you are in the Overberg, travelling up the N1 just south of Caledon; you will pass a place called Dassiesfontein. Set on a ridge in the middle of nowhere it looks like an oversized farm stall from the outside. Some people also call it Dassiespunt. This is a very interesting place. I posted a picture of the restaurant here.

It started out years back with a wagon posing as a farm stall along the road selling homemade articles. In time it grew to a building and then kept expanding. Now it is a little hive with different shops, all selling locally produced merchandise. Once you start browsing you also realize these people care about the quality of their products.
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After snooping around for a bit, you can settle in at what to me is the biggest attraction there. Find a seat in the restaurant and pull up the menu. At first glance the menu does not really explain why this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere is always busy. While the menu lists local cuisine, with moms-kitchen type of names, you only find their secret once the waitress puts down the plate. You don’t find this at any restaurant. The food are not only good, you actually get more than what you pay for. The chef still believes in filling the plate.

This is a worthwhile stop.


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