How to Use SD (Secured Digital) Memory

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SD (Secure Digital) memory is used in a large variety of electronic devices. From cell phones to digital cameras, camcorders, and MP3 players; SD memory is what holds all your picture and music files. SD memory cards are interchangeable between devices as long as the devices can read the same file types. In this article I will explain how you can use a SD memory card between devices and how to read them using your computer.


Some desktops and laptop computers will have a Memory Card reader built-in. If your computer does not have a memory card reader, you can purchase one for as little as $10 from Amazon. When an SD memory card is inserted into your computer, it will appear as another drive.


Most cell phones and MP3 players use a Micro-SD memory card. Micro SD memory card is smaller than a SD memory card, however most Micro SD memory comes with an SD adapter. With the SD adapter your Micro SD memory will fit into a standard SD memory slot.


With the Micro SD memory/SD adaptor you can play your favorite MP3 music on your MP3 player and a multi-media cell phone just by transferring the micro memory card from one device to the other. Both cell phones and MP3 players will play MP3 files.


With the USB memory card reader you can easily copy all your music files from your computer onto the Micro SD memory card. Now you can listen to all your music on any MP3 compatible device.


Do you have pictures that you want to show off? You can also copy your favorite pictures to your Micro SD memory card and show off all your favorite photos on your multi-media cell phone or music/video player. The standard picture file format for most players is jpg.


You can also store your favorite video clips from your computer to Micro SD memory so they can be played on your multi-media cell phone or player. This task however is not that simple and the video file types are not the same for a cell phones and MP3/video players.


Video clips that you want to view on your cell phone will need to be converted to a 3gp file format. There is free software on the internet that you can download to convert video files to different formats. You can visit: to download this software.


Multi-media MP3/Video players usually come with their own software for converting video files. You will need to follow the manufacture’s instructions for converting video files so that they can be played on your multi-media player.


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