How to Plan Your Wedding Video

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Whenever wedding videos are talked about, one usually assumes we are talking about a videoography. As we all know a Wedding Videography cost thousands of dollars and might not be in everyone’s budget. Below I have outlined an alternative to videography that not everyone thinks about.


Wedding Slideshows are becoming very popular these days and should be considered as an alternative in viewing your most memorable day of your life.


A Wedding Photography will take anywhere from 500 to 800 pictures on your wedding day. These shots capture every minute of your wedding and can be used in creating your Wedding Slideshow. After a Videography captures your wedding, he has the painful task of editing the video and finalizing it onto a DVD. This is what adds to the cost of your Wedding Video and may not even include all the aspects of your wedding day.


With a slideshow you can select all the pictures that you want in the show along with your favorite songs or music to play in the background. The slideshow can be on a custom backdrop, have special transitions, video clips, and much more. A slideshow enhances your wedding memories so much more than a video; the possibilities are really endless.


You can even add your own pictures to your slideshow, leading up to your wedding day. A slideshow can be customized to tell your entire life story just by adding menus at the beginning of the slideshow screen.

Step5 :

Slideshows can be copied to a DVD, ipod, website, cell phone, and just about any other format you want. Basically a slideshow can be displayed on any type of video media that exist today.


Start brainstorming and start thinking how you want to cherish your life’s moments with family, friends and your children. Ask your Photographer if he or she does slideshows or if they know someone who does. You won’t be sorry.


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