How to create your AdSense account in a safe and not always forbidden

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Here are some rules to follow to make money from Google and not banned from participating in the AdSense program: You have the right, 1 Liaison Unit, 1 referral button per product, 2 areas of research and 3 ad units per page, it does not modify the AdSense code. The generated code must be in your site (s) exactly as they are, is like changing the code can cause errors on your side and against the AdSense program policies 

Do not click on your AdSense ads, or try to insert 
Do not encourage anyone to question or click on your ads 
We do not have any AdSense ads on e-mails or Web site, thank you 
Advertise your website on auto-surf advertising Thu, pay-to - surf, pay to read or pay per click services, these invalid clicks to make. Robots, or click on trade are also not allowed 
Do not display AdSense ads on gambling, pornography and illegal sites 
Do not display AdSense ads on websites, video, MP3, news groups, and include the results of the image from Due to copyright * Do not display AdSense ads on sites with pop-ups, or automatically install software 
Make sure your page in a new window 

No unwanted burden to show other content-targeted ads on the same page as AdSense ads. For example, your website can rotate the display between Yahoo and Google AdSense ads on each page, but Yahoo and AdSense advertising on the Web page, the language must be one of the supported languages

Do not check your AdSense account from a public computer or the computer by someone else. Sign up Google AdSense, to remind computer access and the fact that you are connected, and if someone uses it to visit your site and clicks on his ads, Google will be able to redress these few helpful tips that you want to know your income increase AdSense: 

Placement is important. Some places tend to be more successful than others. For example, “above the fold”, i.e. the site before it on the side and top of the left side. Read scroll Google Optimization Tips “Help for the AdSense program, for it will help you decide where they place their ads and use ad formats. See https: / / / information / adsense / tips for ads, you can increase your revenue discreet. Many publishers find that the visitors are likely to see and click on Google ads if the ads are in add the overarching theme of the site. In this way the Display ads are available as the 

Try to use text instead of graphics to the site name, page titles and title or more keywords to your search term, the more likely to show, place ads on topics or keywords in the content again and begin to achieve. repetition of keywords, is it easier for AdSense understand what your Web page in question. But do not look forward to matching options that you can make your text weird to a reader and can be classified as spam by search engines. Even Google ads will be for the worse or the same title page should contain the keywords or keywords that must appear in at least one H1 tag or keywords should appear in bold (b) at least one or the Google AdSense spiders or crawlers index the content of the search for keywords and displays ads for those keywords, it is literally with targeted ads.


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