A Look Into Microsoft Gaming

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Well I was very surprised to stumble upon news that Microsoft maybe, actually, releasing an xbox portable. To me not only is that astonishing but very exciting. Although i can not tell you when they are set to release this xbox portable because all the buzz around it seems to me like it could be just a media rumor. But i will keep my fingers crossed. Another Microsoft item that’s coming up in the same media buzz as the portable is the 720. I think that the 720 will, or at least could happen. But, even though it sounds like a solid possibility you need to remember that the 360 is only a few years old. So I’d give the 720 at least another year or two. But I could be wrong.

I would like to thank Microsoft for creating the 360, and the original xbox. I love the games that come out for the 360, and loved the games that were coming out when the original xbox had just come out. My Favorite so far is Rainbow six Vegas 2. Great game, amazing story line, lots of goals to be achieved. This is a first person shooter that I believe will get almost any player hooked. Personally, I’m hoping for a third installment of that great game. Honestly I truly don’t know if there will be one cause I’m a little too busy playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 all the time. But I do know that Halo 3: ODST is coming out. And being a Halo fan, the game that originally got me hooked on Microsoft’s xbox gaming console. I am going to be right there in the front lines weighting as long as it takes to buy a copy. And I’ll be the first, hopefully, to do a review of the game.

So you might be wondering where did I get most of my information. well I’ll give you my main site that I use, personally for my Xbox 360 news.


I promise you there will be more sites in my second installment. So until then, Peace. Love. and Gaming.


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