Third Eye Blind: Ursa Major

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Released on August 17, this is the bands first studio album in six years. Personally delighted it has been released, and I believe they make us wait so long simply because we’ll love the music more when it does release. The first single, premiered on the radio June 5 2009, “Don’t Believe a Word”. My personal review of this first single is that it is a fun song with a very interesting in your face realistic look into how the world has socially advanced in the past years. My personal favorite song off of this album is track three – “Bonfire”. I like the entire feel and soul of the song. It’s a great song for spring or summer romances, or when you just wish to reminisce of those past days. I would have to say that watching them perform their acoustic version of the song “Bonfire” on Private Sessions made me fall in love with the song. But I’ll let you be the judge.

So many good songs to choose from on this album. I also believe that their first track “Can You Take Me”, is an amazing track. Every time I listen to that song I know that Jenkins had a party in mind. But I think that mentality is expected by most, considering Jenkins career. Which has been built upon party songs being played by college kids across America. 3eb has been the most requested band at colleges in America. It takes talent and good quality songs to set yourself in a position such as that, for any band.

“Why Can’t You Be” track 8, this song is catchy and mellow. It’s been a good song for me personally to just lay back in a lazy boy and drift off into the lyrics letting myself get wrapped in them. The lyrics, I find to be, clever and funny when you listen and think about them. The song has a great breakdown section, inspirational and beautiful two words I’ll use to describe.

“Water Landing” track 9, also a great song. Love how this song starts off with a great acoustic rhythm and then jumps into electric guitar. The lyrics are above average just below great, but musically speaking this song was definitely well written more so than that its just a great song. With this song you can tell that Jenkins just wants to get out what he wants to say. He doesn’t care what people think, which can be told from listening to the music but also makes it all great. He truly just cares about saying what he thinks, believes, and wants to say.

“Dao of St.Paul” I love the subject matter of this song. Very metaphorical, inspirational to me not just lyrically but also musically. I love the melodies and harmonies being created by the band, and the singer. Its also a very positive song, with a good message-“Ever more rejoice!”. That makes for a good chant/breakdown towards the end of the song, i guess you could also label it a chorus.

“Monotov’s Private Opera” kind of an awkward name. But very good song, listen to it.

What else can I say. This is obviously a great band, one that is proving the test of time. And I believe, and hope, will be us for the long run. I want my kids to be listening to this music when they’re in high school or college even. Download, buy, just get a copy of Ursa Major. It’s a great album worthy of your time and your money. If you like good music or are just open to suggestion then you will like this album.

Matthew Emerson Known on myspace as MusicMan. Peace, Love, & music.


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