You Don’t Enjoy Your Work Anymore, What Now?

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You haven’t been enjoying your work for a while now.  You’ve decided you’ll be happier if you totally change career direction.  Are you too old to retrain?

As long as you can still comprehend and communicate, you are not too old to retrain yourself.  Carefully research the career you’re thinking of moving into.  Look into the qualifications that you will need.  Can you get these at night school or through online programs while supporting yourself with a steady wage?  Chances are, your salary may go down a little because this is a new career path, but it should rise again.  And if you love your new job, your enthusiasm could push it sky-high.

Start by doing some research particularly in the career area you are targeting.  If you want to work in the broadcast media, for example, talk to people who are already qualified.  They know better than anyone about the pros and cons of the job, and are the best people to speak to.  You could also consider taking a day off from your current job, unpaid, and work-shadow someone- you’ll see the truth in what they do in an average day.  You should not believe the hypes being advertised at job fairs. It is better to actually see what happens in real life.

Talk to recruitment firms. They can even give you free advice about the qualifications you can get to take another career path.  But don’t just jump blindly from one career to another – use your free time in the evenings and at weekends to get the necessary qualifications, so you can be really sure you’re making the right move.  Contact the nearest college or university in your area and get information on adult learning programs, extension courses, or distance education programs.

The internet is another good option, where there are thousands of courses available for further training.


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