How Food Can Help Heartburn

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How Food Can Help Heartburn

It’s sometimes called acid indigestion, sour stomach, regurgitation or acid reflux.  But it’s best know as heartburn, a fiery and painful sensation in the chest that plagues all of us at least once.

Unquestionably, what you eat is a prime and perhaps the prime factor in whether heartburn strikes, how severe it is and whether it worsens through the years.  Some people may be more vulnerable to heartburn, but most often the culprit is your dietary pattern.

In this article is will show you how food can help heartburn.

Diet To Escape Heartburn

If you don’t have a history of frequent heartburn, go easy on fat; it can convert you from a sometime heartburn sufferer to a frequent sufferer.  Also in making heartburn a constant problem are large meals, alcohol, eating late and lying down soon afterward.

If heartburn is a recurring condition, you can reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks by doing the following:

Cut back on fatty foods and eat more complex carbohydrates and protein

Restrict or avoid chocolate, peppermint, coffee, alcohol and raw onions, which can relax the sphincter muscle and induce acid backwash

If you suspect your sensitive to citrus juices and hot spicy foods, stay away from them.  If you have heartburn after eating citrus or spicy food, immediately drink water or other non-acidic liquid to wash the acidic substance out

If overweight, lose weight.  Losing 10 to 15 pounds can cause symptoms to improve

Don’t lie down for a couple of hours after eating.  Sitting or standing, helps gravity prevent reflux.  Sleeping with your head elevated also helps avoid heartburn

Lie on your left side rather than on your right side to avoid heartburn.  It’s because the esophagus enters the stomach from the right.  So when you lie on your right side, the esophagus is below the stomach opening, making it easier for acid to flow downward and into the esophagus.

Beware of drinking alcohol and then going to bed too soon.  This could trigger reflux incidents even in people with no history of heartburn.

The Top Ten Heartburn Foods To Avoid






Orange Juice

Red Hot Sauce





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