Hand poured candles

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The history of candles dates back to around 400 B.C. In those time only hand poured candles were available. With the advent of civilization people became dependent on machines and candles were also made mechanically. However, in the modern world, the human race is becoming aware of the fact that the ancient processes were far better.

One of the impact of this awareness is seen on the candle industry. There are many types of candles available today. They are classified according to their properties. You can find are scented, un-scented, bees-wax, paraffin wax and many more varieties.  Hand poured candles are amongst one of these and they are becoming popular day by day. These hand made candles are often put into glass containers and become a centrepiece for a display. Sometimes they are lighted for special occasions.

Many online marketers are wooing their customers with different types of hand poured candles. Hand poured candles come in various shapes and sizes. They come in pint sized jars, half pint sized jars, votives and many more. You can also find the in pottery jars. Marketers are ready to provide you with custom made shapes. All you have to do is just go to their web sites and order for one. You can create your own shape of hand poured candles and request the marketers to make it for you. They will be happy to serve you.

Hand poured candles industry provides employment to many people and it should be given support by the local governments.

The wax used in hand poured candles can be the beeswax, paraffin wax and the soy wax. Paraffin wax is the most commonly used wax. Beeswax is an expensive affair but soy wax is the best. Therefore many manufacturers use soy wax for their hand poured candles. Soy wax is not only eco-friendly but it can be blended well with the essential oils.

Hand poured candles are trendy and they are used as gifts not only in the business world but also as personalized signs of your care and affection. Some airways use hand poured candles thereby adding a personal touch to the ambience of their lounges.

Hand poured candles that are having essential or herbal oils blended in them have many properties attached to them. They can be used in the health related environments. They act as mood enhancers and lower your anxiety levels. They are also used by some hospitals to do away with the bad smells and allow fresh and healthy aroma in the air. These candles come with different fragrances like green tea and lemon, apple pie, peppermint (using eucalyptus oil),

If you want to make these candles at home just follow this simple procedure. Melt some wax on fire. Then add the herbal oil of your choice. Blend it well. Now pour the mixture in a container and while doing so, keep the wick straight in the center. Allow it to cool. And viola! your hand poured candles are ready.


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