Downloading a Torrent Movie

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There are a lot of programs out there that are available for use to download torrents but some are better and faster than others. I personally find that uTorrent is the best available. It is a free and very small program that works well for what we need.

Now, uTorrent is pretty straight forward to setup and get started.

  • Click the link for uTorrent.
  • Click the “Free Download” button on the front page ( the current version is 1.8.4 ) and wait for the program to download
  • Once it is done, go to where you saved it and run/install it.

That was fairly easy so far wasn’t it? Now, you have to find the movie that you want to download. There are tons of sites that are good for downloading torrents – a few are The Pirate Bay, Mini Nova, andISOHunt. I think that The Pirate Bay is the best, but that’s just my opinion.

Next, go to any of these website listed above, find the search bar and search for whatever you are looking for. Some of the websites have boxes beside the search bar that you can check to make the search easier. Now after you have searched for what you want you will see several categories near the top of the page – Uploaded, Size, SE, LE, Type and depending on the site maybe more. The part you want to concentrate on right now is the SE ( seeders ) and LE ( leechers ).

  • Seeders – are the number of people that have already finished downloading  the file and are uploading it for others to download. The more seeders the faster your file will probably download
  • Leechers – are people who download the file and then don’t upload it back for others, the fewer the leechers on the file, the faster it will download also

Now that you know these terms it will be a lot easier to find a good torrent to download. Usually when you search you can click the SE at the top and it will show the torrents with the most seeders in descending order. Search through the list until you find a good one, preferably a high number of seeders and a lower number of leechers. It’s also good to choose a torrent that was uploaded by a “trusted uploaded” to avoid the risk of getting viruses or fake files that don’t work.

  • Trusted Uploaders – are people who have uploaded many torrents, clean of viruses or fakes and have gained a reputation in the community

When you find a file you think is good, click on it and scroll down to the comments and read some of them. If there are several comments saying that the file is infected with a virus then you should probably find another one. When you do find one that you like, just click the “Download Torrent” button, a window will pop up from uTorrent, click okay and the download will start. Leave the computer for a while, or do something else while you wait and you movie will be done shortly.

Start downloading your movies and save them onto your computer. Next time I will teach you to convert them and put them onto a DVD disc and watch in another computer, xbox 360, or stand alone player to watch on your HDTV.

Thanks, if you enjoyed this and want to learn/read more check out my full blog HERE.


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