A dummies guide to improving the male sex drive

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The male sex drive-the procreative power of all human life on the Earth-at times can be very strong and very weak. Some human males may also have issues with performance from very young ages to very old ages. Whether you are twenty or eighty, there’s always room for improvement in your performance capabilities. There are many OTC remedies for weak performance, and improving size (otherwise known as ‘male enhancement pills’). In most cases, they do little or nothing but relieve your bank account of money. Size improving pills are simply the worst-for all scientists know that the male organ can only go so far. Consider the analogy of a balloon being filled up with air and you’ll get a good idea. With the male penis, blood fills in, creating an erection. In most cases, all these remedies due is help rectify impotence issues, creating an illusion of bigger size when it was your real size all the time.

Such a thing is great if you do not wish to buy viagara. But one could have saved money by buying a little gingko biloba and cordyceps, which not only do the same thing, but also get to the root causes of the problem by working to improve the body systems, ie lowering blood pressue and blood sugar levels: both factors in impotence. Also, with the general improving of all health systems, the sex drive gets an additional boost. These two great nutrients not only work to improve male performance, but keep the body healthier. Since the mind-body is so inextricably linked, having a much healthier body bodes extremely well for much better erections and stronger sexual performance.

Viagara has helped free many men from the pitfalls of erection difficulties, but it can also have dangerous side effects. Herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years in the Orient such as ginkgo and cordyceps actually help ‘fortify’ the human body with its adaptogenic capabailities. Taking such herbs are a win-win not only for the sex drive, but health overall. There are a multitude of other herbs that have very similar results for the male sex drive such as maca root, ginseng, reishi. With maca root, scientific studies have shown a 180% increase in the volume of the ejaculate! How could somebody go wrong with that?

Good, old fashioned vitamin ‘C’ in supplement and citrus-liquid form is a great booster of sperm count and therefore volume. This amazing vitamin helps to build up collagen, which is the intercellular glue that keeps all cells together. It is an anti-oxidant, which prevents environmental stresses from damaging sperm, keeping it stronger and in higher abundance. Buy high-quality natural vitamin ‘C’ and drink lots of OJ. You can’t lose…and the benefits of all these things will be a huge boom to your overall health!


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