What is Your Ideal Weight?

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Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your cardiovascular health or to simply maintain your current fitness schedule your enemy is TIME.

Most of us want to stay in shape and like to exercise, the problem is we are so busy we don’t find the time to actually go out and walk or exercise.  We need to fit an exercise program to our busy schedule.

So how do we balance a career, relationships, errands, and family into our workout schedule?

Here are 5 points to consider when you are trying to fit a consistent exercise plan into your busy and hectic lifestyle:

  1. 1. Commit Yourself to a Specific Schedule

Take time to write out your exercise schedule just as you would for a to-do list, for example, of your groceries.  If your exercise plan becomes part of your routine schedule then it will automatically become part of your daily duties, and no longer a chore. Make sure you have 3 days in the week set aside for your exercise routine, anything less than 3 days would not be enough. If you want to succeed in making this work you have to write it down in your planner.

2.   Weekends

Utilize the weekend and take advantage of the fact that you only need 3-5 days a week to pull of this workout plan.  Weekends are less hectic for some of us, as so we can count on making an exercise routine for that time.  If you workout one day on the weekend then you will only need a minimum of two days during the work week to fulfill your 3 day minimum mandatory workout schedule.

3.   High Priority Workouts

Although sometimes you will need to cancel the scheduled workout, you must be vigilant in making your workout become part of your most important priority.  Think of it as an asset to long lasting health.  Do not bump off your 3 days a week workout schedule, instead try to post-pone that coffee break or social lunch on the day you have your workout.  Make your workout be your priority.

4.   Enrollment of Others

Try to get the support of your family and friends in this task.  Delegate your responsibilities to them so that they can assist you to meet your fitness and weight loss commitment.  At times you may even have to restructure your schedule so as to make it fit your workout.  You can even form a buddy system to help you maintain your workout schedule as you move forward.

5.   Don’t be Too-Tough on Yourself

There will be times, no matter who you are, in your workout program that you will just not be able to keep it up, so remember not to beat yourself up. Remember that consistency is the operating word.  If you start to slack off, get back on your horse and start over.


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