Finding a good contractor to build a deck

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 Well lets get down to business then. First is the phone book. Call 3 free services that are there for you and a reputable contractor will be listed with at least one of these. The Better Business Bureau, the local Homebuilders Association, and the Chamber of commerce. Just because someone has tv commercials or a big ad in the phone book does not make them creditable. The phone book was to look up these resources not to find your contractor. I’ve been doing this since 1998 and I have no phone book ad. Word of mouth and the Better Business Bureau are my advertising. These guys will give you names and you should have a pretty good list after calling them. Another option is always a google, msn, or Yahoo search. Though be sure and check out their references and qualifications.

 Now that you’ve got your list you should call your local building inspector and make sure each one is liscensed and insured. Now its time to start calling contractors. You will know at first by how hungry they sound over the phone. If they are crawling all over you and wanting to start this afternoon then lose their number quick. Do not expect a good contractor to talk price over the phone because he won’t. Set up appointments and and try to do it all in one day because some will not show up and you will end up wasting alot of time if not. Do not worry if they do not have a brand new nice truck, I don’t but I am a profesional and thats what you should look for also. Find a few that have a good presentation, in your price range, and listen to what you want before they make suggestions and start their pitch. Both of you should be taking notes also, you need to remember what was said and so does he. When you narrow them down call your local probate office and make sure they dont have several open leins. This usually means that they have done several jobs that met contract requirements but for one reason or another made the customer not want to pay. Make sure everyone is on the same page with money. A good legible contract should be written. Many contracts are hand written and thats ok as long as you understand each other. You do not have to go with the most expensive but should probably not go with the least.

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