Ladies, This is: How to Jumpstart Your Car

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If you’re smart and pack a set of jumper cables in your trunk, well, you could just ask someone for help—a Good Samaritan?

Nowadays it’s important to know how to take care of yourself and with car breakdowns—or even getting out of the driveway—you never know who to open your window for. So, if you’re more independent than sitting there waiting for help, (and for safety reasons besides,) it’s not a bad idea to know what to do on your own.

To avoid personal injury familiarize yourself with the basics in your owner’s manual, but here are some standard rules:

• Always connect the positive or red cables first. The red cables go to the terminals marked with a plus (+) sign; the black cables go to the terminals marked with a minus (-) sign.

• Turn on the headlamps before starting the car to absorb possible voltage spikes that might damage your auto’s computer.

• Never try to jump-start a car with a 6-volt battery if your car operates with a 12-volt. While 6-volt systems are mostly reserved for older model cars, you will occasionally run into them. If you try to jump an older car with 12-volt assistance, you will fry the electrical system, explode the battery and possibly start a fire.

For a video instruction:

Here’s a site just for men who don’t know either:


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