Louis Vuitton Bags verses Goyard Bags

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You know what a Louis Vuitton bag is, but what is a “Goyard” bag you may ask?

Let us get to know Goyard. Goyard is a French manufacturing company that was established in 1853, a year before the Louis Vuitton Company.  They are specialists in luxury luggage such as trunks, suitcases, bags and wallets; everything by Godard is hand-made.

The Goyard signature is a chevron pattern and uses the “V” character which actually looks more like a “Y”. The “Y” or three chevron “V” formations on the bags, wallets, luggage and trunks represents three generations of the Goyard family in the business.

You can purchase Louis Vuitton products almost anywhere globally, but there are only nine Goyard stores in the entire world.  Exclusive department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s have also started to carry the Goyard brand.

La Maison Goyard or the Goyard Company was owned by Francois Goyard who began as an intern at the famous Maison Martin with Morel; a master luggage-maker for the stepdaughter of King Charles X (10th).

When Morel was deceased it became known that Goyard was the successor to Morel, so Goyard placed labels in the handmade Goyard leather trunks that read “Goyard – Successor to Morel” and therefore Goyard is supposedly the first person to introduce “designer labels.”

Goyard who had now inherited La Maison Morel, began to make luggage for the French artistocrats who wanted to have their luggage made in the colors of their heritage. It is interesting to note also that the first business suitcase or briefcase was patented by Goyard, and he then created briefcases to match the Buggati cars.

The Goyard brand also has a crest on its luggage with a large initial “G” and the letters, “o, y, a, r, and d” placed in a pattern formation within that “G” crest.  As far as pricing, the Goyard brand is just as expensive as Louis Vuitton, if not more.

Today Goyard is owned by a man from Marseille called Monsieur Signoles, and it’s interesting how people who know the Goyard brand all over the world like to get their family crest and initials embossed on these prestigious Goyard bags and luggage.

So what are the pros and cons of having a Goyard bag?  The pros are, that not that many people will recognize its fame and value, and all the history behind your bag, but the cons are, that if you still want to impress someone, or even feel good about your bag, you will probably have to go get the Louis Vuitton bag, since there are many people who recognize the famous Louis Vuitton bag and style, but only famous people who have purchased the Goyard brand, such as Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper and Pablo Picasso, and those who have studied the history of trunks and bags will have heard of Goyard and understand it’s prestige and value!


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