Core Exercises of Effective Project Management

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Effective project management can be done by two ways sequential and parallel activities. In sequential activities one step follows another. The first step must be done before the second can be started. The second step must be completed before the third can be started, and so on. These are also called dependent activities. One step depends on the successful completion of another. This is a main point to remember in managing a project of any size. Parallel or concurrent activities can be worked on at the same time, separate and apart from other activities. For example, if you are planning a new ERP system, you could be evaluating some vendor at the same time and also your ERP preparation simultaneously.

Once you have a target in mind and have listed or noted everything that you must do to active the target, and organized everything in terms of whether it is sequential or parallel, you are ready for the core exercise of effective project management. It is the main point to your future in the world of work. It is the process of selection and allocation. The bigger the project, the more people and the more specialists in different areas, will be required to carry it through to successful completion of the project. Here effective project management plays an important role.

Your capability to choose right people and then to delegate effectively to them will determine, as much as any other factor, your success or failure of the project. This core exercise of effective project management will decide your project success or failure. A mistake in choosing or a wrong delegation can be enough to derail the entire project or to set it back, or to have run in excess of budget.

Many people have been able to shoot ahead in their career by taking on a project and then performing in an excellent fashion. Others have found themselves bypassed for promotion because when they were given a project to carry out, they did not take it seriously, and their lack of results damaged the confidence of their superiors in their abilities and performance. Effective project management is serious stuff. Almost all problems in business are project management problems. To deal with this serious problem project manager should be careful in selecting the project team. He should do core exercises of effective project management mentioned in this article. These core exercises will help project managers to handle large project without difficulty or less difficulty.

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