Project Management Risk and Essential Skills

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To manage any project you required some essential skills and there are number of risk associated with that. Some skills are tangential to success. It’s nice to have them, but they don’t create much of a difference one way or another. There are other skills, however, that are totally necessary to fulfilling your potential, and you must develop them to a quite high degree if you are to achieve all of your goals.

One of these totally essential skills is the ability to manage projects of various sizes. A project is defined as a multi task job, the kind that you connect in every day in the process of making a living and carrying on the business of your life. To accomplish, you must be good at project manager.

One of the huge mistakes in project management is feeling that we already know all we need to know about the subject. Too many people take their skill to do several jobs at once, or in arrow, for granted. They fall into the intelligence catch of the low performer. They use their cleverness to point out to themselves and to others how confident and capable they already are. They link the ranks of the ‘unconscious incompetent’.

The unconscious incompetent is the individual who does not know, and he does not know that he does not know. Project management is a function not just of those who construct hydroelectric dams or construct huge skyscrapers. You systematize and engage in a project each time you go shopping at the grocery store. If you are in sales, every prospect you are working on developing into a regular customer is a project. If you are going out for the evening walk with another person, you are planning and organizing a project.

And here is a main point. Your skill to organize and carry through a project successfully is a main skill for success. It is the vital art of management. It is the way that you increase yourself and your results. Your skill to manage projects of all kinds is absolutely indispensable to your achieving financial independence and moving to the top in your field. Many people can sell, but few per cent of sales-people still open 80 per cent of the new accounts and make most of the money.

Similarly in the project management everyone knows how to carry out a multi-task job, but few people are good at it. Most are incompletely organized and incompletely disorganized.

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