How to Avoid Negative Emotions to Become Successful

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Lack of self belief and negative emotions are sign of failure. To become successful you will have to eradicate all your negative thoughts or convert your negative thoughts into positive energy. The truth is that your brain cannot tell the difference between something you think about or concentrate on that you do want or not. The brain is a goal-seeking device, and a very effective one at that. Already, it is gracefully and exactly creating precisely what you concentrate on.

You are already a world champion specialist at creating whatever you concentrate on. You couldn’t get any improvement at it, and you don’t need to get any improvement at it. When you concentrate on anything, your brain says: “Okay, we can do that,” and starts figuring out how to do it. It doesn’t inquire whether you’re concentrating on it because you want it or because you do not want it. It always assumes you desire what you concentrate on and then it goes and makes it happen.

The more frequent and the more intense the concentration, the faster and more completely you will create what you have concentrated on, which is why strong negative emotions experiences create intense concentration on what you do not want, and tend to make you restore what you don’t want, over and over. Most of the time, for the majority of people, all the concentrating and thinking is going by at warp speed, on automatic, without much, if any, aware intention.

Your work is to learn how to direct this negative emotions power by consciously directing your concentration to the results you want. Once you do this, the whole thing changes. However, take some work, because initially you have to swim upstream against your old habits, insensible habits, and the current can be swift and strong.

First, you have find out all the things you concentrate on that you do want, and I’m willing to bet there are fairly a few ways more than you think. To the amount you’re getting what you don’t want, you are concentrating, although automatically, on what you don’t want. Spend a few times over the next few weeks, then; making a list of all the things you do not want as you become aware of yourself thinking about them. Next, you have to get very obvious about what you do want. Then, you have to look at each of the things you want and be sure they are not just something you do not want in disguise.

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