Bipolar Disorder and Depression – Free Treatment through Fast Scientific Dream Translation

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If you suffer from bipolar disorder this means that you are frequently dominated by the wild side of your brain and psyche, which pretends to belong to your human conscience, but is in fact a violent animal, without human feelings, that tries to mislead you.

You are in the place of the human conscience, the only part of your brain you have access to.

What does it mean to be dominated by the wild side of your conscience? The anti-conscience (wild side of your conscience) is a true demon and it invades the human side of your conscience through absurd ideas, feelings and sensations. If you pay attention to them, the demon becomes stronger and you gradually start losing the notion of what you are doing. You forget your moral principles, nothing has any meaning for you, you accept immorality… you gradually forget who you are.

When you are bipolar this means that the anti-conscience frequently invades the human side of your conscience, constantly sending you absurd ideas, feelings and sensations, or even a strange intuition.

However, this domination doesn’t last too long, and when you recuperate your human conscience, you cannot understand how you could have behaved the way you did.

You have two personalities: one given to the domination of the anti-conscience that frequently invades the human side of your conscience, and another one that is the human side of your conscience – this is the part of your brain with which you identify yourself.

You need the protection of the unconscious mind that sends you wise messages in dreams with guidance, which works like psychotherapy.

Your bipolar disorder will disappear completely as you will learn how to develop your intelligence and personality, transforming the wild content into human.

This way you’ll be able to use all the intelligence that today belongs to the anti-conscience on your own behalf, and all your hidden talents will have the opportunity to appear on the surface, while they are now buried in the wild and violent side of your primitive conscience.

Bipolar disorder provokes depression, because when you are not dominated by the anti-conscience you understand how sad your life really is, while when it dominates your conscience you are euphoric, believing in false promises based on what is unreal, and making absurd plans for the future.

When you go back to your human conscience you understand that you are suffering and you need a solution for your problems, and this is why you feel depressed, but then the anti-conscience dominates you again, in order to keep you busy and prevent you from finding a solution for the basic problems of your life, the problems that keep torturing you and making your depression become always more and more unbearable; so you waste your time walking in circles, without understanding what you are doing.  

Write down your dreams everyday and translate them according to the scientific method. I simplified the complicated method discovered by Carl Jung and today you can immediately learn what the meaning of your dreams is, so that you may understand the meaning of the free psychotherapy you receive from the wise unconscious mind in dream messages everyday.

Everyone finds health, happiness and wisdom following this method, without exceptions. Only if you don’t care for your dreams will you not see any positive results.

If you care for their meaning, even if only when you see impressive dreams that you remember, you will be compensated with knowledge, warnings, predictions, solutions, and constant help in all fields of your life.

You’ll stop wasting time and feeling worse. You’ll finally find health and happiness in life, because you’ll be following the wise dream messages, showing you everything you need to learn!

You’ll eliminate the dangerous anti-conscience by transforming it into a positive part of your human side, build a mature and self-confident personality, and become much more intelligent than the common human being.   

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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