How to Clean Vinyl Siding

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Jomax is a chemical that can be purchased at Lowe’s, or your local hardware store. Any household bleach will work, preferably in 3 quart jugs. The soft bristled brushes and poles can be purchased at most janitorial supply companies.

Measure 1 quart of Jomax into the 5 gal. bucket, add 3 quarts of bleach, fill with water up to within two inches of the top. Pour into a chemical sprayer; it helps if someone hold the container steady.

Once the sprayer is pumped it’s ready to use.

If working on a two story home, or a house with peaks, an extension or step ladder may be necessary. Put on the goggles, spray down a section of the house with water first, then spray each row of the section you’ve decided to work on using the solution in the sprayer. Let the chemical soak in a bit, if it dries too quickly, you can spritz the area with the hose.

Using the soft bristled brush on a pole, you can clean out of reach areas like gutters, and areas over your head. Brush the siding as needed to loosen soil. This may take some practice as certain houses clean up easier than others.

Once you’ve used the brush on the siding, rinse the area thoroughly with water.

If you have several people helping, one person can get the next area wet with water while the first is loosening the grime with the brush. Then that person can spray on the solution while the first is rinsing what has been cleaned.

Before you finish for the day, you need to clean the windows. This needs to be done even if an actual power washer was used to clean the siding. If this cleaning method is used the dirt and grime from the house gets baked onto the windows, rather than the solution from hand cleaning.

Fill a bucket one half to three forth’s with water. Add Dawn dish soap. Dip the t-bar-sleeve into the bucket and squeeze off excess water. Scrub each window reaching by hand or using a pole or ladder. Using the squeegee remove Dawn water, wiping edges with cloth.

WE RECOMMEND REMOVING SCREENS IF LOCATED ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE WINDOWS; this will insure your screens do not get ruined for any reason.

If it’s a hot and humid day, work on smaller sections as the sun will dry the area too quickly.

This solution will not hurt your plants or grass, as plenty of water will be used to dilute the mixture both before and after spraying.

Move anything that can get bleached away from front porches and back decks, especially outdoor furniture and umbrella’s.

If this is the first time a house with white gutters is cleaned, unless it’s been recently built, it will probably not clean up perfectly. For whatever reason homes with colored gutters clean up much better.

We recommend NOT using a power washer to clean siding. We saw one home after it was cleaned with a power washer, and all the finish was stripped from the frames of the windows. The homeowners had to get them painted. This is rare, but still a possibility.

If someone is standing on a ladder, it’s best if a second person is standing on the bottom rung to stabilize it.

Within twenty-four hours after cleaning siding, immediately if at all possible, the windows should be cleaned. If they are not, they can pit over time or get water drops etched into the glass.


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