Review: Bejeweled on Facebook

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Are you ready for a brand new monitor tan? Crackbook (Facebook) and Pop Cap, the most accomplished time waster websites on the internet have teamed up together to bring you Bejeweled Blitz. Pop Cap has made it their mission statement to ensure that every person on the planet wastes years of their lives making gems disappear. Coupling with Facebook to host Bejeweled Blitz makes their goal that much more attainable… one minute at a time. Bejeweled Blitz is currently one of the most heavily played Facebook Games.

With only one minute of play per game you need to be quick, and smarter with your moves than previous Bejeweled games. This is going to cause carpal tunnel faster than playing the Diablo series. Bejeweled has long since been a name known for it’s addictive gem twisting games. They are available on PC and mobile devices. Now you can fight your friends to the top of the scoreboard and send them smack talk on Facebook. There are weekly challenges and a chart to keep track of long term stats. This is bringing a whole new, and more addictive, feel to the game. Bejeweled Blitz is currently still in its beta stage. Hopefully, for the sake of all of us addicted to Pop Cap games and Facebook, there will be a whole line up of Pop Cap games on Facebook in the the future. If you want some tips on how to beat all your friends at then check out this Bejeweled Blitz tips and tricks article!


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