How to Stay Healthy, Despite Your Busy Lifestyle

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Check up time- If you are 30 and up, it is a good idea to get to the doctors office to get a physical at least twice a year. Get a full exam the first time, with blood inquiry and physical exam. The second visit can be a simple routine check up. More than 75% of the doctor’s visits are stress related, so it is ok to take preventative measures, especially if you are overweight or obese. Get your blood pressure, sugar levels, pulse, and other vital signs checked. And if you are scared of doctor’s visit, get over it and suck it up. The good thing about a doctor’s office is that you can ask for the help of a dietician or be referred to one, or ask for recipe’s for low salt, low fat diets.

Step 2

Check your stress- Be honest with yourself, do you seem more stressed than you lead on to others? Join a program or make one up. If you are in a kick boxing class, yoga, palates program, intense workout with a boot camp instructor, great! If you are like others who don’t have time to or can’t afford these programs, walk/jog around your neighborhood (if safety allows), around your apt. complex, or at a local park or track. Point is get your body active at least an hour a day, and use the stress of the day to flow out of your body as you sweat. In my opinion the body and mind work together, and the mind needs a workout as well, so I would suggest meditation, and I don’t mean become a Zen Master, just allow yourself 20 minuits of quiet and reflection of happiness. Check out the link at the bottom to find out more about mind over matter subjects.

Step 3

The next step is very controversial, but it needs to be addressed. If you find yourself always stressed from work, wanting to “kill” the boss or a co-worker, maybe the job/career may not be for you? Did I step over a line? Consider this, you probably have built a clientele by now, or have acquired some skills since being hired, maybe you can move to another company or start your own business. Experts right now would not recommend that, but those experts are not going to bring you flowers to your bedside when you are in the hospital due to stress related illness. Just a suggestion.

Step 4

Take a vacation- Now I say this with the utmost respect, I know about the tough times that our economy has been on most, or maybe your vacation time is not until next year, but you can take what I call mini-vacations. The whole point of taking a vacation is to take YOU away from stress. This process can be in the sunny beaches in Hawaii or at Lake Whatchamacallit 10 miles outside of the city. If you have a family, that would be great time to get away at least for a couple of days. Plan several of these per year and you will see a difference in your life.

Step 5

Prayer is Great!- This is another hot button, but consider this: many recent studies have shown that the healing power of prayer has significantly helped people overcome life’s diversities, illness, even overcome illness altogether. Now I am not telling you to become a Christian if your heart is not in it. But statistics don’t lie and would it not be a stress reliever to know that you do not have to carry your burdens all alone? Embrace spirituality.

Step 6

Your “friends”- You may not always have a choice of the boss you work with or the clientele that may cause stress, but you can choose your friends. If you have friends that cause you unwanted stress, then let them know this (maybe in a subtle way of course). If these friends continue to cause you adversity in your life, let them go, or at least distance yourself until they can have a firm understanding that you are bettering your life situation.

Tips & Warnings

Many of these steps are a lifestyle changing suggestions but they can be accomplished if you see yourself and your family as being important to you

If stress continues to be a big part of your life seek professional help or try therapy to cope

If you are married, talk to your spouse about how you are feeling and try to find solutions to help you cope

Do not let anyone make you feel so stressed that you take out frustrations on others, especially loved ones. Keep your mind and body healthy…thanks and God Bless.


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