How To Overcome Writer’s Block Easily

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As I write this, I’m currently experiencing writer’s block. The problem though, with most writers who are caught up with writer’s block (including myself), is that they stay there. They look at the keyboard, scowl in front of the computer screen and keep repeating to themselves, “Geez, I’m having those moments again”. On the contrary, if you stay long enough in a writing mood and juice your brain for all it’s worth, you might just come up with the most impressively written piece in the history of mankind.

Whenever I experience writer’s block, I keep reminding myself of my objectives for that particular piece. Am I writing to inform, to entertain, to raise awareness, to persuade, to mess up, to be a jerk, to annoy, or to simply aim at nothing? (Ironically, my objective today is to share tips on how to overcome writer’s block, and who is more qualified than someone who’s also plagued with it? Talk about absurdities). It is helpful to keep the end in mind, because if you know the ideal ending that you’re pursuing after, you won’t have trouble researching, creating and inventing the “means”.

There, I can’t believe I just finished two paragraphs!

Forget about overemphasized cliches that say, “you have to get some inspiration and you’ll be back on writing mode”. Others will tell you to listen to Beethoven or go to a lake (which will probably not work when you’re depressed or something). I’m not disparaging the importance of inspiration before, during and after the writing process. However, there are times when you don’t have to wait for inspiration before you can write. Inspiration comes in doses, not pails. More often, it doesn’t appear as a bonfire, but in the form of little sparks. As you brainstorm, focus on your objective, and continue the writing process despite the odds, you are in essence lighting the inspiration matchstick.


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