How to deal with the Stresses of the Holidays.

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We all know that as much as we would like it to be otherwise, the holidays come with so many commitments and responsibilities many of us barely get the opportunity to relax. Before we know it, the season has passed and its time to return to the everyday rat-race. However, knowing how to deal all the activity will give you some downtime so you can enjoy all the work you’ve put in for others’ enjoyment.

Make a plan. Chart your course of action and stick to it. For instance, if you’re shopping for gifts, give yourself a time limit; map the stores you need to visit and what you need to pick up in each instead of just wandering from store to store. You can do this for shopping to visits.

Say no. The holidays come with lots of gatherings and many invitations to those gatherings. You need to turn some of those invitations down if you don’t want to end up over-run and exhausted. There’s no need for guilt as reasonable friends and relatives will understand. Schedule something for when there’s not so much going on that you feel more pressure than pleasure at possible visits.

Take a time out. It’s always nice to surrounded by the people you love, but a little alone time is beneficial, to re-energize and re-focus. A few minutes, or a few moments to breathe away from being the charming host/hostess or the remarkable guest is a necessary indulgence. So, find a spot and take a few minutes to bask in all the work you’ve put in. Better yet, take a few treats with you, a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, your favorite magazine or a book, and lose yourself for a few.

The holidays are about enjoying your friends and families, but many of us get so caught up in what needs to be done, we miss all the little moments of enjoyment. Remember the spirit of holidays; it’s about the people, not the things.


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