How To Make Easy Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Pipe cleaners, also known as chenille stems, are a Must Have in the world of crafting. They come in a variety of colors; even shiny foil colors for holiday crafting! When pipe cleaners are joined with beads, extraordinary decorations come to life. These Christmas tree ornaments are as easy as sliding beads onto stems, which means they are a great kids craft. Things You’ll Need: Pipe cleaners, beads.

goods.jpgGather together your materials onto a work surface. You will need a variety of colors of stems and a variety of beads. Make sure the little ones can reach everything!

hook.jpgFirst bend one end of your stem into a small hook.Next bend it into a tiny loop and then twist it around itself. This is just a small ‘knot’ to keep the beads on the stem.

pattern-1.jpgNext, simply start sliding beads onto your stem. You can do random beads, follow a pattern or color coordinate depending on your theme. The beads on the left are random while the ones on the right are color coordinated and follow a pattern.

loop.jpgStop when you get approximately 4 inches from the end of the stem. Bend the remaining stem into a loop, overlap and twist it tightly around itself. The loop on the left still has a tail, while the one on the right has been wound tightly. Done! Hang from your tree branches by the loop. This may not be suitable for very small children as beads are a choke hazard.

done.jpgHere is your finished product. This ornament can be done for any holiday decor. Green for St. Patrick’s Day; black and orange for Halloween; or red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.

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