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They are rock solid hosting and grate value too at around $50 for a years hosting and unlimited hosting and bandwidth there’s not many company’s out there that will do hosting for that size and that sort of price.

whats even better about there site they do free hosting and you still get a grate amount of disc space and bandwidth per month costing nothing.

Tools you get are very easy to use and have a site builder so if you are not up on everything on programing and building websites then theses are a grate place to goto as they provide a website builder tools to help you get set up and running with your own site. not got a domain name well you can even get one free from them as a sub domain name or a your own. com for a small fee.

Havent  had any problems with there hosting only had one or 2 days downtime from been with them for over 8 months and i must admit they are rock soiled hosting at a grate affordable price.

Tehy do free hosting and also paid hosting both services are grate and if you re wanting to start out in website and getting some hosting then this is the place to start out as you hav2 options.

1 to get free hosting and free dom name

to go paid and have a .com of your own with there hoting or if you have your wn domain name move it over and intergrate with there sting services

what you get.

1500 MB Disk Space
100,000 MB Bandwidth
Free Subdomain or Your Own Domain
Automated Scripts Installer (20 Popular Scripts)
FTP Access and Web Based File Manager
Easy to use Website Builder
5 MySQL Databases with Full PHP Support
Zend & Curl Enabled
IMMEDIATE Activation!

Signup Now with Instant Activation –


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