How to *Survive being Robbed*

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To defined Robbery in simple terms it’s where a person uses force or fear to take your property whether your property is in your possession or not.

Robbery is such a cowardly act, a violation of human dignity and a very traumatic experience to say the least.  It’s degrading and takes away the very freedom we have and the right as people to walk down the street and feel safe that some senseless person won’t come and threaten to kill us if we don’t give them our property.

Most victims of Robbery will be robbed while walking down the street.

I have been a Police Officer for over 28 years and have conducted countless “Robbery Investigations” and unfortunately not even a veteran Cop is exempt from becoming a victim of robbery …last week as I was jogging on the street I was robbed at knife point and here are the steps I took to survive:

Remain calm

Most robbers are more scared and nervous than you are.  The problem is that robbers have poor logical skills and only care about the short term affects of their actions and they want what they want right now.

By remaining calm you have a better chance of not triggering an accidental reaction from the robber.  You could be harmed or shot so do not scream or cry, argue or fight with the robber.  Remain calm and comply.  I simply told my robber that I was jogging and didn’t have anything and so he ran away.

Your hands

Keeps your hands still and keep them where the robber can see them at all times.  Usually slightly out to your side away from your body rather than the typical over the head way is the best.

Do NOT make any sudden moves

The robber will usually say something like “give me your wallet/purse” or he will use some slang term such as “give it up”.
Whatever he says he wants money so give the robber your money and never volunteer more than the robber demands.

Make Mental Notes

You will only have less than 10 seconds to make any mental notes about your robber to give to the Police so try to remember as much as you can.
Look for anything odd that would set them apart and help you possibly identify them later such as a mole, scar or tattoo.
Note how thin, chubby, fat, tall or short they are.  Your mind will recover other details such as what they were wearing, hair color, accent etc.

Call 9-1-1

Call the Police right away and report the robbery giving as much detail as you can about your assailant(s)and their car if you saw one.

When the Police arrive fill out a Robbery report and list any items that were taken. Immediately cancel all credit cards and alert your bank to put extra security features on your account.

Prevention Tips

There are some things you can do so if you ever are confronted by a robber there will be minimal loss.

Note:  your safety is always first and valuables can always be replaced.

1) Carry small amounts of cash ONLY in an old wallet.
2) Keep your ID and credit cards in a separate wallet in a shoe or belt wallet.
3) Do NOT put home address on your driver’s License.  Put a PO Box number.  If you do not have a PO Box …get one for security reasons.
4) Separate your car keys from your house keys.
5) Do NOT carry anything with your personal information, bank account numbers, PIN number or Social Security number.
6) Do NOT carry your purse around the outside of your shoulder.  Carry your purse across your chest with the strap around one side of your neck.
7) Do NOT walk, jog or exercise outside alone or in the dark.

* Most criminals are opportunists so remember to have a little common sense and do NOT give them the opportunity.

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