A Deadly Royal Wedding

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The wedding day of Princess Maria del Pozzo della Cisterna was riddled with misfortunes.  On May 30, 1867, she married Amadeo, the Duke D’Aosta, the son of the king of Italy.  A host of tragedies cast a shadow on both the day of the wedding, but I would imagine it cast that shadow on their entire marriage.

Were these events just a coincidence, or was there a curse?

The tragic day began to unfold when the wardrobe mistress of the bride hanged herself before the wedding.  The princess was so upset that she refused to wear the gown that the unfortunate woman had prepared.

When the wedding procession reached the gates of the palace, they failed to open.  When guards investigated why, they discovered that the gate keeper had died from having his throat cut, finding him nearby, lying in a pool of blood.

While leading the bridal procession from the palace to the church, the colonel leading the way collapsed with sunstroke.  He was revived but collapsed again before they could reach the church.

The ceremony itself managed to be performed without a hitch, but the reprieve didn’t last for long.  Shortly afterward, the best man accidently shot himself in the head with a ceremonial pistol that was part of his uniform.

After finally being escorted to the train station, the bridal couple was witness to even more tragedy.  As the couple couple boarded the train, the officer, who had drawn up the marriage contract, suffered a stroke.  Then, the stationmaster was crushed to death when he fell under the wheels of the train as it pulled into the station.

Discouraged by the tragic events, King Victor Emmanuel was convinced that the wedding was jinxed and refused to allow anyone to board the train.  Instead he ordered the procession to return to the palace.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck again during their return.

The Count of Castiglione, who was riding his horse alongside the bridal carriage, fell from his horse and rolled under its wheels.  The weight of the wheels crushed him and drove a medal on his uniform  into his chest, killing him.

Perhaps the wedding should have never taken place and a higher power was trying to prevent it from happening.  Or maybe there was a curse on the couple, if those kind of things exist.  The couple did not live happily ever after.  In fact, it is said that the princess died several years later of a broken heart because of the numerous infidelities of her husband.


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