Microsoft Windows 7

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I have put this on my system a few months back the all improved RC that has just hit MS website and many other places where you can download it one of the first versions to come out in beta was the 7000 version and many things didn’t work with it and had many problems for stuff working on it.

I have since moved on and got the RC version and so far so go there is not many problems with it. Everyone knows with beta and RC versions there not quite complete but for them to bring out RC so soon makes me wounder how long its before on the market for everyone to buy and get there hands on a full copy.

I have been using the RC for about 4 months and had no probles apart from gfx update apart fro mthat all has been smoth and i will be looking at moving over to the Retail next week as its due out some placxes do have it but i would like to have a retail versino of this.

Benhcmakrs on windows 7 have been proven to walk all over the pre OS windows vista the tests and how stable it is from windows vista to windows 7 i would like to tell everyone if you are sick of windows vista is to make th e upgrade to windows 7..

Yes they are some letbacks and some fetures i wont make use of and touch screen looks grate on it apart from i dont have the sort of moeny to go out and buy a touch screen..

Any how i think MS have done it with windows 7  its like an upgraded verison of XP or XP pro.

It runs fast its stable what more can you ask for with all the diffrent styles and other grate stuff i think MS have made a brake through this time to make a stable system even from beta i was useing it last year moved over to the RC  few months back and will be moving to retail verson when its out.

If you are thinking of upgrading to vists DONT make the move to windows 7..

They is talks now of windows 8 in the making and i wouldent mind getting my hands on a copy jsut to see wht its like but i dont think this is going to be made public till 2010 mid or 2011


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