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In hope for a good digestion, i am giving you simple advices on the way of consuming the food today without making the digestion process difficult and having uncomfortable feelings. The first thing to remember is that if we care for our health, then we have to submit tasks who are in his benefits. We have to remember that we are our own doctors, if we don’t listen to our body then he won’t obey us after. And in this sense I am telling you about healthy food substitutes that can be consumed every day. I don’t want to talk about the 3 major food groups and their combination. You can read that in every nutritionist blogs, and I think it’s really good if we are trying to follow those steps. For me it was a great knowledge this issue, because I was diagnosed with ulcer colitis 8 months ago and after reading all nutritionist advices and reading about healthy life style, I can tell you just “listen to your body” , if he react’s after consuming then you should know that something was wrong. Ok. Here are healthy substitutes for those products that we consume every day. Butter- should be not mixed (55% oil) instead of margarine. Honey- instead of white sugar. Olive oil- instead of sunflower oil. Sauce- don’t buy sauces In bags (they consume lots of chemistry) make them by yourself with fresh products. Milk- in carton, especially cause of lactose, so instead drink Kefir, yogurt, tea. Chocolate- only dark chocolate, lots of today chocolate are with “chemistry” especially candy bars Conserved meat-(full with chemistry),buy fresh and cook good. And finally about water, we should consume structural water ( boiled first, then turn into ice and then wait to be liquid again and then drink), do not consume mineral water every day, they are filled with gas and other chemical substances.


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