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Another NFL player in trouble sometimes you have to wonder what are they thinking when they make bad decisions that could hurt there career and make themselves look bad in the public eye. You would think that after some big problems this past year with some players being in trouble no one would want to get in any trouble anymore but I guess not.

With Roger Goodell in charge of things players need to start thinking smart instead of bad. Roger Goodell is being tough on the players this year. I think players need to stop and think before they go and do some of the things that they do. But apparently thinking is not on the mindset of these players today trouble is.

With that being said it is reported that Shawne Merriman is accused of choking and restraining his girlfriend  Tila Nguyen as she tried to leave Shawne Merriman’s home. It’s reported that Shawne Merriman was put in jail round 8:30 this morning. Shortly after being put in jail he was released around 11:00 in the morning. Tila was taken to the hospital where her health from the dispute was not availiable.

With Shawne Merriman coming back this year off of his bad knee injury last year the San Diego Chargers and fans will be highly upset because you know now that Shawne Merriman will be suspended for a number of games this year. Which could seriously hurt his team if he is suspended alot of games for this problem. Roger Goodell has not yet talked about the problem but a suspension could be handed out this week.


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