How to Mail Theft Prevention

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Get a locked mailbox. Most people who have their mailboxes outside and not attached to the house are not locked, they don’t need a key to get into them, nor do they have a locked one attached to the house. This way no one can open up your mailbox and steal your mail

When you do pickup your mail you need to ALWAYS: shred it including the junk mail where your address and other info with your address. For shredding you can use your hands, scissors or a shredder. Once you do you can then toss is in the recycle/garbage bin.  Remember that sometimes when the weather gets bad there will be a delay in you getting your mail.  Also if you have a mailbox that is not locked this is how some people get your personal information.

Looking at your mail: Be sure to go through ALL of your statements to check to see if there is some charge or deposit on it that should not be there and if you discover something to contact your bank, credit card company to resolve the issue.

Tips & Warnings

  • NEVER just throw away your mail, this includes junk mail without checking it for your address info (address info always needs to be shredded)
  • When handling your mail be ware of getting paper cuts or getting yourself hurt when operating a paper shredder and if using scissors be very careful with handling them.

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