How to Marketing via Email

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You need to check any memberships that you have to see if you have access to their database of members. If you don’t have a membership with an association, find out if any associations have a database that you can access if you join them.

When you get into the organizations database you usually can click the email address of that company/person.

On the Subject line: Don’t put the word Need in it instead use the word Looking and make the Title catchy: Looking for a new client

When you are ready to go into that organizations database of people you need to make sure of the following:

Address the email as Dear (John, Jane etc, their first name to personalize the email.

First paragraph is telling them that you are a member of that organization and this is how you found them (How You Found Them) should always be in the first paragraph) otherwise they will toss out your email.

These paragraphs should state your services and how you can grow their business. You also need to mention your website so that once they read the above services they will want to check out what you offer on your website.

Put in your salutation (Best wishes) followed by your contact information including your phone number where you can be reached.


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