How to Comfort a Child When Adult Teeth Come In

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When your child starts acting up and you know that they have recently been loosing their baby teeth is when you should take action on making them feel better.

Go out and buy an icee pop. You can get some very inexpensive/cheep ones in a pack of 10 for less than $1. In the meantime, have your child suck on some ice for comfort

Another thing to do to get that loose baby tooth out is for them to use some dental floss around the loose tooth. This helps to get it out and has worked for us.  If there is some bleeding, don’t worry since most of the time it is a very big tooth.  Get a container for the tooth and put it in.  Also, don’t forget about the Tooth Fairy who will have to come by and put some money underneath their pillow at night.

The last step is for the baby tooth to come out and your child will still need that icee pop to make their mouth feel better.

Tips & Warnings

  • We’ve tried Motrin/Asprin and it seems to have a shorter life than the icee pop and works much better.
  • Keep watch on your child while their teeth are hurting. Instead of just the teeth hurting they may not even be able to close their mouth because of the pain that they are in. This also affects the way that they are feeling, so be gentle with them while they are going through this time.

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