How to Archive Files

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You need to get a crate, or get an archive box where you can put these files in and label the outside of the box or crate or wherever you have decided to put your old files.

Start looking through ALL of your files putting any that are NOT current that you are not using.

Put aside on the current files that you are using ONLY the current year, i.e. statements of any kind, any work that has been past this year, any medical work that was done previous year. Try to label your files as you put them for ease of finding them later.

If you have ANY files that are over 10 years old, you need to shred them immediately. Also every year you need to go through your archive box to see if there any files you can completely shred, get rid of.

Once you have put your files in the archive box/crate you then need to find a place to put it that is also easy to access in case you need to go back to them for a document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Archive box is just that, a box you want to be able to go into at times to get some information that is not in the current files like your old pay stubs, old bank account information.
  • DON’T PUT YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS IN THE ARCHIVE BOX i.e. (anything relating to the sale/purchase of your house, passports, birth certificates)

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