"Weird Al": A Biography

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Weird Al is my favorite music artist. For those of you who do not know about him here is a little something about him. For starters, he is a parodist and an original song writer. “Weird Al” started off as a one man show. His first act was in Phoenix, Arizona during Dr. Demento’s stage show. A man named Jay Levey asked him about starting a career which started his time with his band. Steve Jay is the bass player, Jim West is on the guitar and Jon Schwartz is the man on drums. There first show resulted in an unimpressed audience and being booed off the stage. In 1982 the bands manager was replaced by a man who had better promotional skills. This meant it was starting to look up for the band. They had a signing with Scotti Bros. Records, who released their first album called “Weird Al” Yankovic. Due to the large success of the group, “Weird Al” hired Ruben Valtierra to play keyboard so he could focus on vocals. “Weird Al” has created 17 albums between 1983 and 2006. Their hit single was “Eat It” a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, which was number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. That was until “White and Nerdy” a parody of “Ridin” by Charmillion, reached number 9. “Weird Al” and his band have toured all over. One tour took place with another band where they were the opening act for The Monkees. Al and his band have toured on 9 different occasions. Their first tour was called “The First Tour” and it started in May 1983 and lasted almost a month. His most recent tour was in June 2003 and ended in September during the next year. Here are some interesting facts about him: He became a vegetarian when an audience member gave him a cook book with vegetarian recipes. He got laser eye surgery and no longer needs glasses. His latest album is named after his home town. He is the greatest artist who ever lived. Listen to his music, it’s great!


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