How to Use a Fly Ribbon/Catcher

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Go out and buy a pack of Fly Ribbons (this is usually a 4 pack of them) that you can get at a major department store.

Once you bring it home you need to determine where your fly or gnat problem areas are so that you can hang them in the problem area.

The best place to put these are by the light (window, mirror or light bulb). You may need to get a chair, ladder or a step stool when hanging this.

When hanging them pull them out of their container until the thumbtack is exposed. (The full length once pulled is about 2 feet 4 inches)

Put them next too a window, or mirror attaching it using the thumbtack, just be sure that you don’t get yourself stuck on this paper since it is very, very sticky and hard to remove once you get stuck.  Also watch for that thumbtack that is attached to the hanging fly paper.

Tips & Warnings

  • This ribbon is also great for those problem gnats, small flies as well.
  • To get rid of problem you should hang about 4 of them in the problem areas of the house.
  • This ribbon, is very, very, very

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