John Lennon: Biography

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John Winston Lennon was born in the Liverpool Maternity Hospital, Oxford Street during a German air raid in World War II October 9th, 1940; he died December 8th, 1980. His parents were Julia Lennon and Alfred Lennon. He was a rock musician, singer and songwriter. He became famous ‘round the world as one of the founders of The Beatles. Lennon and Paul McCartney formed one of the most successful songwriting partnerships.

 When Lennon decided he wanted to be a musician, he and his friend Eric Griffiths, took guitar lessons at Hunts Cross in Liverpool, although Lennon gave up the lessons soon after. He stared the group, The Quarrymen in March of 1957, on July 6th of the same year, Lennon met Paul McCartney at the Quarrymen’s second concert. Despite Paul’s father telling him that Lennon would only get him into trouble, they began writing songs together. The first song Lennon completed was “Hello, Little Girl” when he was 18 years old. McCartney convinced Lennon to allow George Harrison to join The Quarrymen, even though Lennon though Harrison was too young. After Harrison played a song for Lennon on the top of a double decker bus, he became the lead guitarist of the group. Stuart Sutcliffe later joined the band as bassist. The group went through many name changes, but the finally decided upon The Beatles. Lennon was considered to be the leader of the group. Lennon tried drugs for the first time in Hamburg, Germany. They were given preludin by customers. He later tried marijuana, his addiction to drugs escalated until he began using heroin.

 John Lennon wrote many songs. On his own and with Paul McCartney. All of which are still listened to today. He made a big contributiong to the musical world. The Beatles were ranked number one in “The fifty greatest artists of all time”. And Lennon was inducted  into the songwriters hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame.

One of the most popular song writen by Lennon and McCartney was Let it Be. It was recorded Janurary 1969.


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