How to Budget Grocery Shop

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Look to see what food items you are completely out of in your pantry where you have your food items

Determine how much you are willing to spend (this should be money that you already have in your bank account) for the groceries that you will be needin

Take a calculator along with you on your shopping trip to keep you on track with your budget that you have pre-determined

Have another person come along with you to keep you on track and make your shopping trip must faster when looking for the items on your list

Once you are at the grocery store start shopping putting down in the calculator every items cost and x it out on your list (you are adding it up as you go along in your shopping)

Once you have reached your budgeted amount STOP, and if you have gone over, determine what item(s) you can do without

Tips & Warnings

  • If you forget to bring your calculator you can also stay within your budget by only buying the items on your list
  • If you forget to bring a person just keep this in mind, your shopping trip will now go even faster
  • When shopping with a friend, be sure you are shopping for yourself and NOT the friend/person you are with

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