How to Pick a Wedding/Reception Site

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You first need to discuss what you are looking for regarding what type, style of wedding/reception you are going to want to have and if you want the wedding/reception site to be at the same location.

Once you have determined the above, then you need to see if you can pull up some web sites showing the locations that you might be interested in to see if you want to then call them up and make an appointment to see that location.

Before the appointment be sure to take a pen/pencil with a pad of paper along with a digital camera/phone so that you can take a picture of the location for further review when you get home. At this appointment they will explain to you everything that was on the website, how much of deposit you will need to hold the date, if it is a church if you are a member and if not how much additional cost there are. 

Come home and go over everything that you have seen and then determine where you want to have your wedding/reception site.

Tips & Warnings

  • On their web sites what it should show is what the location looks like, the menu, how long the wedding ceremonies are, cost (what it covers).
  • Most or all churches require you to have few sessions of premarital counseling before the wedding and you need to get all of the information on this on your meeting with them.
  • Some more lavish/big churches charge more because of the location and the type of church i.e. a cathedral type of church.
  • Try to have the wedding cake made at the same place as where you are having your reception.
  • Also keep in mind that at the end of your reception to have some extra money handy to pay the reception site because they will then have the total cost. Unfortunately it will come sometime near the end of your reception so be prepared to have at least $500 around and your checkbook to cover extra reception cost.
  • If the reception site is unwilling to give you a sample tasting of your menu and also a sample of your cake, don’t have your reception there since the biggest expense of your wedding will be the reception site.

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