How to Home Office Set Up

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Determine where in the house, condo, apartment would be the best place for your home office. This area does not even have to be a separate room, but an area in a room where you can get some work done. Usually a place where you can close the door and have some quite time.

Once you have found a spot then you need to determine where in that spot do you plan on putting the filing cabinet2.gif, desk, computer, office supplies, or other items that you feel you need.

Go out and buy the items that you need and when you bring them to where you are going to have your home office, be very careful on the placement and be flexible if it ends up not being the right place the first time. It may take moving where you have your home office to determine the best place for it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make out a budget on how much you are willing to spend on creating this home office.
  • Have an adjustable keyboard tray so that you can avoid any injuries to your hands, wrist.
  • Try not to buy too many office supplier/items for your home office. Start out with as little as possible and go from there.
  • Buy a chair that is completely adjustable and is ergonomic, you may want to purchase a foot stool.
  • If your hands, wrist or back start to hurt you must adjust the keyboard tray as well as where your feet are.

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