How to Order Business Marketing Items

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Determine what kind of item you want your company name/logo on.

Start looking on the internet under that item. This will then tell you the companies that sell that item and the cost.

Also go to local office supply companies, or other local businesses can also do the same thing and check out their pricingOnce you have determine who you want to place your order through, you need to ask them some questions just to see how easy it is to place an order and to cancel it. When you call their customer service can they on the spot order the item for you? How helpful are they, do they answer all of your questions? Is it easier to then go through someone who is not on the internet?

Once the order arrives, you must check out to see if that item looks correct, if not, call customer service to see what you need to do to fix it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sometimes you may have to pay a little bit more to get better customer service from a local vendor instead on the internet.
  • Ask someone whom you know who has a business and ask them who they use.
  • Be sure your order is cancelled even when you have put your signing id/password and started an order, but you did not process it. If it is a company on the web, they will then have their web person cancel it since it has not completely been processed.

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