How to Make Sure You Get Paid as a Small Business

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Before you even get a client, you need to ask: how much should I charge?(This could be hourly or a flat fee for the project) What is the minimum payment if you the customer is not satisfied with my work? How many hour of work do you want me to do? To define what is not happy with my work,

Go online and get some kind of contract where all you have to do is to fill in the blanks, if now try to create one from scratch.

If you have to create one from scratch the Small Business Development Center can hook you up with an attorney who will then look at the contract and help you create it. They usually will give you an hour of their time for free if you go through the Small Business Development Center.

When you do get the client you then fill out the contract along with yourself filling it out, both of you need to sign it and approve it before it becomes official.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that you have that escape clause if the customer is not happy with your work. This ensures that you will get some money for your time and effort, it also makes you look more professional.
  • The Small Business Development Center is a good resource for Small Business and they also have many good seminars that you can attend.
  • NEVER get a job without both parties (yourself and the client) signing a contract including a non-disclosure agreement

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