How to Buy Shoes For Your Child On a Budget

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See what kind of condition your children‘s shoes are in and do they still fit. Get your child’s input on what they want to get. Get a plan of attack for when you get to the store what do you plan on doing.

Look and see if you have any coupons to turn in? If you belong to their club you should have a coupon lying around the house. Ask yourself how long did the last pair last? Where the shoes of good quality?

If you want to use the coupon at the last place where you bought the shoes and they lasted, then this is where you should go. 

Once at the store look at the price point and determine how much in your budget can you spend for the shoes.

When you find the shoes and they fit, upon purchasing them, don’t forget to turn in that coupon

Tips & Warnings

  • Have the sales clerk help you out in making sure the fit of the shoes is good.
  • I would not recommend getting shoes from the internet since children are so very picky about their shoes and they need comfort.
  • When checking out the clerk can also explain the frequent shoe purchase program for you and if you are not a member, join so next time you will get a discount.
  • Try NOT to put the purchase on the credit card if at all possible! Only buy what you can afford.



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